Wednesday, July 27, 2005

'TGIF' meme

Ok, I've been tagged by dreaming-neko. At first I didn' t feel like doing this because, but hey!! its tag. Also, he wants me to post more. Anyhoo, here it goes.

What are the things you enjoy, even when no one's around you wants to go out and play.

--have a surfing session for 4 hours. (ah! the good 'ol days)
--playing PS2
--going to the gym
--meditating/praying to God
--hanging out at starbucks and people watch
--ride my mountain bike on a trail.
--go out for a jog.
--go to the mall
--Watch/Rent a DVD at home.
--Sitting at my porch with a nice cup of coffee.

What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

--Praying to God.
--Reading my bible
--Hanging out with CRT.
--Going to the gym.
--listening to mellow music.
--Being with friends/families.
--Being near the water.
--Enjoying a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks and people watch or just let the world go by.
--Going surfing at 6am in the morning and able to hear complete silence on my surfboard.

Tag 5 friend and ask them to post on their blog.

Ok!! sending this out to Rachel, Heidi, Ms. Ragdoll, Dree, and Slurpee. Cool!! can't wait to read yours. Till laters Alohaz!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy Fourth of July

Only photo I took. Do you know why??

Ah, July fourth well here they celebrate it by either driving to people's house and having a big, HUGE BBQ. I suppose its tradition here. I guess its tradition everywhere. For me it was a 4 day weekend of crazy celebration and all I had was this picture.
Friday - My cousin was driving after we had sushi buffet going to go play poker at his friends house. There was these 4 early twenty year old college kids driving in there silver jetta. At a stop light I happened to glance at them and give them a smile and they simply smiled back laughing and giggling,"Cool" I thought to myself and didn't think much of it. Next traffic light we came across I glanced over again and the gal on the front passanger seat held out her HUGE boobs at me. I was like WHOA!! in my stuffed state my mind tried to comprehend what was going on. But once I figured out what had just happened they turned the corner and *poof* they were gone. In a nutshell, lost $20 but I felt like a winner that night.
Saturday - went to Duke's original roadhouse, who knew there was a duke's in Texas, but this isn't your ordinary Duke's this place is filled regularly with motorcylist, college students and even on wednesday they have a dodgeball tournament in the parking lot, but tonight they got the waitresses in bikini's which reminded me of home :D. I hung out till the 10 minutes fireworks went off, mingled with a few people saw a drunk girl fall on her butt while dancing an 80's music.
Sunday - Worked and I went to meet my uncle and relatives at the lake for a barbeque. The lake isn't as great as the Pacific, Dammit Russell hey brah!!! hope you guys surfing for me too..
Monday - Studied my butt off for an exam on tuesday.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Monday is $1 parking at The Ballpark.

Went to the Ballpark to watch the Rangers play the Alanta Braves couple days ago as always we pay for the $5 tickets which was great seats. Went with a buddy of mine from work. We saw the Rangers in great form and kicked the Braves butt. Soriano had 2 homeruns which was one of the differences in the game. The Rangers are playing a lot different these couple of years. Hopefully it will earn them a trip to the series this year. Took some pictures of the Ballpark and also 6 flags over Texas in Arlington which is just across from the baseball field.-Alohaz

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Well I finally went skydiving at Skydive Dallas this past weekend. This was the skydive we did as a group awhile back. Half of my group got to dive and the others had to reschedule. Well, my time was last week June 11, 2005. When I got there, I felt anxious, scared, excited all rolled up in one. I got to the site which was about 1 hour and a half drive from Carrollton. They got me suited up, and was about to jump in 30 minutes. My instructor named Dave, explained that we will be jumping at about 14,500 ft and free falling at 125 mph. This made my heart beat a bit faster. When we were up, a lot of things was going thru my mind. I tell you when your faced with something like this you think of ALOT of things especially the people you care about. Before we jumped I said a little prayer which I always say when I go out surfing or do some crazy stuff "Lord, As always my life is in your hands." Anyways, I was the last one to jump out with my instructor. You know the moment I jumped out, the first thought that came to my mind is "OH! Crap I'm going to die. But once outside plummeting at 125mph everything is so small, I felt like I was flying, I even flew into a cloud and felt the moisture in my face and hands. It was cool outside. I was freefalling and it was caught on video. At about 60 second freefall, my instructor opened the parachute and I felt a sense of relief at this point I realize, that I'm going to live. He then let me try to steer the parachute left, right and slowing it down. Once we landed my legs felt weak, I guess its because its never use to be off the ground. Now, everytime I look up at the sky I get a chills on my back that I was up there and jumped. Alohaz---

Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day

Well just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Memorial Day. Today I reflect on the people alive and dead that made a diffrence in my life. Grandma I miss you most of all. I know your watching over me and thank you. I Love you, I know I haven't said it enough even when you were here. Just always know that I always do.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Motivational Poster.

Remember those motivational posters found all over offices and fast food joints. Well, found this website that promotes the opposite or demotivators. Its so frigging hilarious. I can think of alot of people that can use some of these eye openers.

This one is my favorite.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Taste of Addison, TX.

This pass weekend me and a my buddies went to the Taste of Addison. Went to check out Vertical Horizon, LOT!! of Vision, Dancing, Food, Booze, and Wahines. We all had a great time, as for me after 3 Coronas, evil Rudy stepped up and met a gal thats from Michigan, Washington, and Hooter girls. It was rad. In a nutshell I had a sensory over load and for 5 bucks, Im definately coming back next year. :D




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